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Central Park: What to do This Spring

A trip to NYC is not complete without a stroll in Central Park. The 843-acre space includes meadows, lakes, monuments and amazing architecture. So of course, It was the perfect place to shoot this gorgeous yellow ruffled pleated dress.

I really lucked out with the best weather while there. It made strolling through Central Park so much more fun. I saw locals taking advantage of the day to walk their dogs, jog and sunbathe, while tourists explored the park and observed. It’s also the perfect place to see street performers and check out some of the vendors.

Central Park is so beautiful that it truly was the perfect setting for this dress. I absolutely love the sheer lace and the crochet panels on the bodice. The lace and ruffle trim give this dress such glamours and chic feel. It moves beautifully which makes it very comfortable and perfect for any summer event.

While shooting there, a “vendor” carrying a HUGE snake spotted me and came towards me. For some reason, he thought It would be a great idea to put the snake on me. He would not take no for an answer. If you know me, you know that I’m petrified of snakes. I don’t like them one bit! He continues to move forward and places the snake around my neck and of course, I freeze. I felt the snakes little head bumping against my face, then moving up through my hair and around my neck. I thought for a second there it would strangle me :-(. I can’t believe we managed to get a couple decent shots. Hopefully, this is the first and last time I have a snake around my neck.

I’ve included a few great spots in the park to check out the next time in NY.


Sheep Meadow (corner of 59th Street and Columbus Ave) – it’s the perfect spot for a picnic, read a book or sunbathe

Kerbs Boathouse/Boat pond – This is a very popular spot which has been featured in films and photos. Here you can rent rowboats or grab a bite and a beverage at the Boathouse Restaurant

Conservatory water – Popular with families and children because you can navigate radio and wind-powered boats across the water.

The Mall – The promenade is lined with American elm trees so it’s a perfect spot for pictures.  You can also check out some great street performers and vendors. The beautiful walkway leads to Bethesda terrace and fountain

Bow Bridge – Used in many movies and photo shoots. It’s perfect for a view of the boats and lake

The Pond – located in the parks southeast corner. It’s worth a stop for the beautiful view.

Strawberry Fields – The mosaic was created as a tribute to the musician John Lennon

Central Park Zoo – Showcases animals from tropical, temperate and polar zones around the world. Great place to take the kids

With X’s and O’s,


Central Park the mall

Central Park snake

snake in central park

Central fountain Park yellow dress

Central Park main stairs

Central Park main stairs

Central Park pond

central park

central park

Central Park the pond

Central Park music

Central Park bench




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