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Hi Loves! Thank you for visiting! My name is Maidelin Lopez and I was born in Cuba and raised in NY. I graduated from Florida International University in Miami with a degree in Communication. While attending college in Miami I danced for the Miami Heat and Miami Dolphins. It was an amazing experience where I performed in front of thousands of fans, was given the opportunity to travel, make television appearances, and participate in fashion shows and photo shoots. This was an exciting and exhausting part of my life and one that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Even though I danced for the NBA/NFL, my real full-time job was working in advertising. After years in the industry, I woke up one morning with a feeling that something was missing. I realized that advertising was no longer something I truly enjoyed doing, so I decided to move back to NY and attend the Fashion Institute of Technology where I obtained an AA in Fashion Design.

I started from the ground up and I was fine with that but as life would have it, circumstances brought me back to Miami where I fell back into the cycle of advertising. It would have been a perfect time to have started something new, something I’d love, but I couldn’t. I was too scared and fell back to what I knew and was easy. It so happened that a few things (good and not so good) happened that helped me realize it was time to do what truly made me happy and this is where I am today. I am committed to starting this next chapter of my life and ready to share it with you.

Through this blog, I am fusing together my creative background with fashion, fitness, travel, and everything in between. You’ll get to know the many shades that make up who I am. From the vibrant hues of a sunny day that brings with it smiles and optimism to the elegance and excitement of darkness that fuels the imagination. I’ll share through my experiences that all shades of Maddy could be beautiful and ultimately enriching, based on what you want to take from it. This is an exciting journey and I hope you’ll join me!

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