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Must Have’s for Your Home Gym

I can’t believe it’s been a year since this Covid-19 Pandemic started. It’s been such and exhausting year having to wear masks, social distancing and worst of all… quarantining. While it’s been a rough year for many a few good things did come out of it such as spending more time with family and for me… creating a home gym.

One of the more exciting things for me this past year was putting together my home gym. I basically didn’t have a choice and It definitely did not happen over night. I’m a fitness enthusiast. I love working out, not just to be fit, but also to stay healthy. I would workout 6-7 days a week (now I do 5-6 days), so you can imagine how I felt when gyms shut down. It was very tough for me. What to do?? Home gym??

The only equipment I had at the time was a jump rope SMH! I had no back up once gym’s shut their doors. I scrambled to find ways to stay active such as running around my back yard, jumping rope, doing lunges… I even searched on YouTube for home workouts that did not include using weights and also signed up for 3 free months with Peloton, which included HIIT workouts, yoga, and cardio to name a few. While this was okay for a short time, it was not going to work for the long run, especially since there didn’t seem to be an end in site.

I’m used to doing cardio along with a lot of weights. So I thought like many other people, I’ll just buy some weights such as dumbbells and kettle bells to get a better workout at home. Well, so did the rest of the world. This meant a lot of items I wanted were either sold out, available in a few months or cost 2x-3x more than what it’s supposed to cost! It was insane! Thank goodness for Amazon and Walmart! While many items I wanted were sold out, I would add my email for notifications if/when they became available. They would become available, but just as quickly, they would sell out again. So first thing in the morning I would wake up and check my emails for those notifications and I would check both websites. By doing this I was able to get two kettlebells, two grip plates, a barbell, ankle weights, jump box, resistance bands, and medicine ball. Not the same as going to the gym, but it would do for the time being. Around June/July the gym I used to attend opened back up, but I still did not feel safe going. Instead, I cancelled my membership and continued to add items to my home gym. Little by little, month by month, I was able to accumulate all the items I needed to have a killer workout at home. I’ve even added a squat rack, a leg extension bench a maxi climber and a treadmill! Woohoo! You too can have your own home gym ;). I’ve included the items you will need in order to do this. Checkout links below.

Puzzle Exercise Mat / Olympic Grip Plate / Resistance Loop Band / Wall Fan / Fitness Poster / Weighted Vest / Battle Rope / Plyometric Box Jump / Medicine Ball / Last Pull Down Bar / Pulley Cable Attachment / Olympic Weight Bar 6 FT / Adjustable Bench with Squat Rack / Maxi Climber / Treadmill / Exercise Ball /

KettleBell / Vinyl Coated Kettlebell / Resistance Bands / Olympic Barbell Curl / Dumbbell Stand / Ankle Weights / Agility Ladder / Dumbbells / Barbell Pad / Wall Hooks / Olympic Weight Bar /

For now, I think I’m all set to get killer workouts with my home gym. I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas on creating your own home gym! If you do, share photos below in the comments box! Would love to hear from you.




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