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My Favorite Spring 2021 Looks From Revolve

My Favorite Spring 2021 Looks From Revolve

Spring is in the air! Well, I live in Miami, so it’s basically spring/summer all year round. While it might sound amazing to some, it’s just okay for me. I’m originally from NY, so I prefer the 4 seasons. With the change in seasons come the change in clothes, from light fabrics to thick layers and light colors to deep or darker shades. Although, I live in this tropical place, I try and keep with the 4 season looks. While I can’t add too many layers or thicker fabrics, I tend to change the color of my wardrobe to make it feel like the season is changing here as well. I will say that this year we did end up getting a few extra cold days, more then we normally tend to get. I took advantage of those days to pull out my fall weather outfits :)! But now it’s almost March and the weather is in the mid 80’s, so no more trying to fight this heat. I’m ready to pull out the vibrant fun colors of Spring and head to the beach!

Let’s get right to it. I’ve been in search of a few new pieces to add to my closet, so I went straight to one of my favorite websites OMG!! I love this site. One of the reasons I like it so much is that it has amazing fashion in both low and high price points. You can basically find anything you want here. I must have gotten a little too excited and added a few thousand dollars to my cart. I will not be splurging that much :(, but I did fall in love with a few amazing pieces I will share below. All of these great finds would make great additions to your spring closet.

I’ve broken it down into three sections. The first are some amazing finds under $100. The second section are beautiful spring options under $300. And for those who want to splurge a bit ;), I added a section for options under $500!


While I could have added so many more beautiful styles, I chose to highlight just a few. I hope this helps in finding some beautiful spring looks to add to your wardrobe. Until the next post!


Maddy 🙂


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