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The Perfect Stripe Dress for Sunny Days

Stripes are chic, effortless, fashionable and timeless. There’s some going back and forth as to whether stripes make you look slimmer or wider. Some say, to look slimmer you must only wear vertical stripes. While others will argue that it’s the other way around and horizontal stripes will make you slimmer. Some will altogether say that stripes, no matter vertical, horizontal or diagonal are a fashion no-no. I personally think if you love it and feel great wearing it, then rock it! That’s why I scooped up this cute little stripe dress and didn’t think twice about it.

I absolutely love stripes. I will wear them on pants, tops, jackets, shorts, dresses, and skirts. I’ll wear stripes on pretty much anything. I have a plethora of striped items hanging in my closet and I’m looking forward to adding this cutie to my collection. This stripe dress is the perfect mini for sunny days. I’m also obsessing about the sweetheart bust, which gives this silhouette a sexy vibe. The Drew dress is fitted up top and flares out just a bit to give you a relaxed feel. It’s really great for any occasion. What I love about this dress is how versatile it is. You can dress it up with heels like I’ve done, or for a more casual everyday look, you can wear them with wedges and flats. This truly is a great piece to include on your next vacation. Just picture yourself on the beach, holding a margarita and wearing this dress ;-).

Make sure to style this dress up with some great earrings such as these gold hoops. You can also add a jacket over the dress for those cool summer nights. How do you feel about stripes? Will you be rocking stripes this summer? I know I will!

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